The annual subscription to BAGS is just £17, reduced to £12 for students and concessions..  

You can join  via the link below:

This takes you to a registration page hosted for us by LoveAdmin and then to a payment page where you can set up payment of your subscription so that it is debited annually by GoCardless (on 1st August).

Going forward the GoCardless system also enables you to make one-off payments for events etc. from your PC, tablet or smart phone. It also enables you cancel your standing instruction at any time.

Membership is open to all!

Why do people join BAGS?

The society's current membership includes people born and bred in Britain and ex-patriate Germans.  Most members speak some German, but some do not.  All, however, have one thing in common - an interest in all things German.

Besides membership subs, are there any other costs?

Refreshments are served at most lecture meetings and conversation evenings and are often at no cost to members. 

The member subsidised charge for supper meals, summer party and fruehschoppen is notified in advance.

Are guests allowed?

Guests are welcome at all meetings.  Guests will be charged at the full rate for supper meals and the Summer Party.  

A small charge will be made for Guests and non members at Lecture Meetings.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member!